Hi, I’m Jenelle.


I exist to pat dogs, consume ungodly volumes of content, and create imagery that is visually intriguing, entertaining and/or captivating.

As an incredibly visually-oriented human, who was seemingly bewitched at birth with both an insatiable curiosity for understanding existence + a borderline-compulsive yearning to share the info and stories I encounter, it’s little wonder that photography derailed my generic career plans.

While I specialise in pet photography and dance/cirque photography, I do not restrict myself to a particular genre as a photographer – if it is photographable, I want to be there. To date, I have extensive experience in capturing the following:


    • Animals, specifically dogs, horses and cattle
    • Portraiture
    • Dance & circus arts
    • Events
    • Food
    • Fashion
    • Products
    • Social Documentary/Photojournalism
    • Glamour & Boudoir
Hit me up and let’s create something magnificent.

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